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Chapter 10

CHEM UA 125- Chapter 10 Notes

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John Halpin

Lewis structures can see how many valence electrons are involved in bonding and how many are not but do not indicate the geometry of moleculeswrite the skeletal structure of the moleculedetermine the total number of valence electronsconnect each pair of bonded atoms with a pair of electrons and complete the octets of all atoms other than the central atomplace the remaining electrons if any on the central atomconsider whether double or triple bonding will satisfy the octet for the central atomto note some lewis structures do not obey the octet ruleformal charge number of valence electronsnumber of nonbonding electrons12 number of bonding electronsthe formal charge takes precedence over the octet ruleyou should choose the lewis structure that has the set of nonzero formal charges that are lowest in magnitude andor fewest in numbercircle formal chargesdont show zero formal chargesresonance structures required whenever a single Lewis structure does not adequately represent a molecule or ionwhen drawing resonance structures you may move electrons onlymust have the same skeletal structurecan go above an octet to improve formal charges but dont go below an octetValenceshell
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