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Greece and RomeHomer most popular author of ancient world Only texts that survived on papyrusOver half the texts found were texts about homer or his writingsGreeks Greek peninsula 40000 inhabited by pploFrom north Balkan areaoNot semitic are indo EuropeanoGreeks called themselves archaians Hellens and HellasoGreek peninsula civilization that has risen to its height at 1600 BCEoCity state kingdoms trade with one anotheroTook writing from MinoansoAround 1200s other greek city states and Mycenae collapses emergence of Israeliteso Greek Dark AGESWriting is mainly lostPeriod of trade the eco base collapseDeveloped use of iron iron ageBeginning of colonization of Asia minor since the Hitties collapsedAround 800BCE end of Dark AgesARCHAIC AGE800 to 500 BCE
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