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Information Sciences And Technology
IST 240
Sherry Corneal- Pennsylvania State University

• Chapter 5 o Talks about different types of Jazz o New Orleans Style – 1890- 1920 o Aftercan american  Center of the styles of Jazz  Strong cross mixture of different cultures  Red Light District – Noticeable house of prostitution, bars, nightclubs. (Nightlife)  All live music, only could have live music  Called the city, story Ville. o Chicago Style Jazz – 1920 – Present o Instrumental obligation  Front line – Instruments that are in the front. Trumpet, usually plays the melody. Also the strongest instrument and heard above everyone else. • Clarinet – Not as strong as trumpet, but capable of playing faster notes than the trumpet. Clarinet usually has a second melody, Obbligato. • Trombone – Reinforces the rhythm and the harmony.  Rhythm Section • Drums – establish to maintain the beat and the rhythm. • Banjo – Reinforce the harmony and the rhythm. • Tuba – To play the bass notes in the music.  Generally played in a AABB Structure  Straight chord – 4 beat to a measure with no accents.  Dixie Land Jazz – polyphony • Two or more melodies at the same time. • O
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