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IST 301 Chapter Notes -Team Dynamics

Information Sciences And Technology
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IST 301
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IST 301
23 October, 2013
MediSys Corp CQ's
1. What forces are driving behavior and team dynamics? Describe forces at the (a)
industry, (b) organizational, and (c) project levels.
The company had numerous promising initiatives at various stages of development. IntensCare
was one of those initiatives; pioneered in much the same way as many of MediSys's products. An
idea developed from an employee, and allowed by management to make the idea a reality. This
culture proved to generate cutting edge ideas ahead of their competition. It appeared that this
entrepreneurial spirit was causing the company to be slow to market with some of their products.
A new president, Art Beaumont, was hired to preserve the innovative culture and to re-stimulate
the rapid growth. He attempted to accomplish this by reorganizing the company's management
structure. Beaumont formed a core-team of top managers from each functional department to
achieve final production. Team members were required to accomplish work in their respective
departments in addition to being on this core team. Cross-functional teams would allow MediSys
to outmaneuver competitors by speeding up the product development process. He took the core
teams and assigned a project leader to each to keep an eye on their respective departments and
serve as a liaison to senior management. While this new structure seems good in theory, it
created tension amongst the employees.
2. What should Merz do?
Merz should adopt a system that will align her business interest with both individual and team
performance. A motivated workforce is arguably the single most important factor to a company's
bottom line. Without the proper incentive, it is tough to get employees to perform at levels that
make a company successful and competitive.
3. Develop an action plan for Merz to follow based on your answer for #2.
1) Expectations/Goals – These must be challenging, the manager must provide
feedback on performance and the employee must accept them.
2) Ability/Function – Employees must have proper resources to accomplish their job.
3) Incentives – There should always be a reward for hard-work.
4) Equity – Each employee should feel they are getting the same benefits as their co-
workers as well as equal output to their work input.
5) Salience – Manager must understand what motivates each team member. Team
members are at different points in their lives and will be motivated by different things.
6) Timeliness – Rewards should be received frequently.
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