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IST 301
3 December, 2013
Coach Knight and Coach K CQ’s
1. Describe Coach K’s leadership style. What are his basic assumptions about motivation,
leading and human nature? Coach K’s leadership style is very simple. Leadership is ongoing,
adjustable, flexible, and dynamic. Too many rules keep people from making decisions. His basic
assumptions about motivation, leading, and human nature requires teaching his players discipline
via exhaustive drills, studying, and understanding where each and every individual player is
coming from in order to help get the team where they need to be. Coach K also has a principle of
having his players as well as himself communicate with one another eye-to-eye because a leader
has to show his face his team needs to see.
2. Describe Coach Knight’s leadership style. What are his basic assumptions about motivation,
leading and human nature? Coach Knight’s leadership style demanded his players absolute best,
all the time. This created as many controversies as accomplishments. His assumptions about
motivation, leading, and human nature could be considered some of the reasons he was fired
from the Indiana University Dynasty program he helped create. Coach Knight’s big principle was
the fact that he believes everyone has a will to win, but not everyone has a will to prepare to win.
This was his biggest motivation in leading his players as well as his obsession for hard work and
winning. Lastly, his human nature over the years of learning from his father about being
disciplined that the whole principle is doing what you have to do, doing it as well as you possibly
can, and doing it that way all the time.
3. Who is more effective? Why? Under what conditions would you hire Coach K? Coach
Knight? Coach K is by far more effective because on the court he lays down the hammer, but at
the same time on as well as off the court, he shows compassion for each and every player. This
illustrates what a true leader is supposed to do, when teaching young athletes and being effective
at it at the same time. I would hire Coach K when my program is really struggling and needs a
true role model to help bring the pieces back together. I would hire Coach Knight only under the
conditions that I was running a military sport and needed a coach who was disciplined in
winning as well as the preparation for winning.
4. Think of a time when someone else (manager/coach/teacher/parent) motivated you to perform
at your best. Why were they effective? They showed passion for not only the game, but for each
player. It felt like we all had a mentor to not only look up to, but who had our backs in the tough
challenges life threw at us.
5. Think of a time when you motivated others to perform at their best. Why were you effective? I
motivated a few of my friends at the gym and when we played soccer to do their best and push
through the challenges because no matter how big or small a goal is, it’s still worth the hard work
to surpassing that challenge. It was effective because not only did they reach those goals, but
they made even tougher ones and now are achieving endless possibilities they originally thought
they couldn’t get close to reaching.
6. What are your basic assumptions about motivation, leading and human nature? Motivation
comes in all different forms, as long as it hits home to each individual, then you can accomplish
any challenge. Leadership comes from being able to understand your players, friends,
teammates, co-workers, and being able to motivate them to work together to the point that they
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