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Information Sciences And Technology
IST 301
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IST 30112 November 2013PDT Debrief1 How has working on the PDT project with your distant subteams influenced your views about their national cultureWhat stereotypes did you have about each national cultureThey will party more than do their work they wont be able to effectively communicate with my local subteam in English and the TimeZone will be a HUGE issueWere these stereotypes upheld or broken downWhyThey were easily broken down and ironically none of these stereotypes held true They turned out to be harder workers than my local subteam at times1Determine and review the incident with your PSU subteam membersThe biggest incident we had was when our foreign subteams didnt respond to us until the day the first PDT assignment was due2Collect the details of the incident from the participants Basically the foreign subteams were busy partying the first w
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