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IST 30113 November 2013Trading Floor CQs1 What were the challenges that Poseidon faced with the financing dealFrench shipyard had provided a schedule of the payment dates and amounts that comprised its bid for the project Required to pay in Francs whihc would expose the US company to significant currency risksFrench government had agreed to subsidize the transaction by allowing Poseidon to borrow Francs it needed at below market rate but they were uncertain how to value this benefitTreasurer and CFO of Poseidon never had executed transactions of this size before2Describe the transactionPoseidon was obligatedto make a 10 down payment to the shipyard at the time the contract was signedOver first three years of transaction Poseidon was obligated to make a series of equal monthly interest payments to the shipyardon the outstanding balance of the purchase3 Describe the issues that led the author to question the way Linda conducted the business dealIn order to dramatically exaggerate the need for secrecy in the transaction Linda managed to convince Poseidon not to speak with other investment banksThe actual price that Linda quoted4 What was the dilemma that the author facedLinda was being
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