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Chapter 1

CSCE 101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Auxiliary Memory, Machine Code, Magnetic Storage

Computer Science
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CSCE 101

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Computer Science
Chapter 1 Notes
Layers of a computer system
*works from inner to outer layer”
1.Information (conceptual)
managed using binary digits (1and 0)
2. Hardware (physical)
includes gates and circuits and devices that control the flow of electricity
3. Programming
software- the instructions used to accomplish computations and manage data
Goal: to solve problems
4. Operating system
manage the way hardware devices, programs, and data interact
5. Applications
focuses on using the computer to solve specific real-world problems
6. Communications
networks-used to share information and resources
a way to think about something which removes or hides the complex details. It leaves only the
information necessary to accomplish a goal.
History of Computing
Charles Babbage
Analytical engine- first design to include memory. Used punch cards as a way to input
numbers and mechanical steps. His design was too complex for the technology available to him
so he never implemented it
Ada Lovelace
Credited with being the first programmer. She extended the ideas of the analytical
engine. She also came up with the concept of the loop- a series of instructions that repeat
Alan Turing
Invented an abstract mathematical model called the Turing machine
History of Computing Hardware
First Generation (1951-1959)
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