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Week 4 KL Round 2

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After reading my classmates responses I now have a better understanding of certain aspects of
the play. Brooke helped me to realize that Edgar leading his father to the cliff symbolized him
becoming his true self again to his father. At first I thought Edgar was being completely sadistic
when he described an evil person leading him off the cliff when in reality this symbolized his old
persona, Tom the beggar. After his father “jumped” he was able to reveal his true identity and I
now realize he was always trying to be a loving son to his father. Also another classmate,
Madison, helped me understand some of the irony in King Lear. She helped me to realize that it
is ironic that Edmund was conceived because of an affair, and now Goneril wants to have an
affair with him.
In conclusion, this play was very surprising and although it was a tragedy I would have never
expected Cordelia to die. Shakespeare did a great job of allowing readers to become attached
to Cordelia and feeling shocked and upset during her death. I also realize the importance that
emotions had in this play. Every time a character reacted based on their emotions rather than
thinking it through, it ended in tragedy. Emotions were also displayed in the weather
throughout the play for example, the big storm during King Lear’s realization and sanity.
Ashley Cauble
3. Did King Lear died of pure grief over the loss of Cordelia or was it a combination of his
insanity and grief?
I believe he dies of pure grief. We see that during the storm scene Lear has his epiphany and is
no longer mad. By the time Cordelia dies he is fully aware which makes his grief even worse.
Matthew Sturm
2. Why did Cordelia have to die?
I do not believe the story would have had the same impact without Cordelia’s death nor would
it have been considered a true tragedy. Someone good had to die for the sake of evil. I believe
Shakespeare did a great job of allowing us as readers to sympathize for her.
Tara Fiore
2. Do you think that Goneril and Reagan were affected by the tragedy of their sister Cordelia’s
No, they were already dead at this point.
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