SWK 315 Chapter Notes - Chapter 14, 15, 16: Organizational Learning

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Human Diversity Ch. 14, 15, 16
Social Policy:
o Is concerned with the decision-making process that takes place
in the legislative arena, the implementation of social programs,
and the fundamental question of where to allocate resources
Social Policy Action:
Distributive Justice:
o A philosophy that aims at ensuring that all members of society
have access to reasonable economic resources, education, social
services, and other resources, based on the ethical principles of
equity and solidarity
Steps to Policy Analysis
1. Defining the problem
2. Obtaining and interpreting information needed to make sound
3. Developing and judging the alternatives
4. Deciding what is the best choice
Social Welfare:
o In the United States, a payment in kind or in cash to a person
who needs support because of age, disability, poverty,
unemployment, or mental illness; also a society that is devoted
to the well-being of its members and that has social welfare
institutions operating at the state level
Social Work Research definition:
o Systematic use of research concepts, methods, techniques, and
strategies to produce knowledge related to the objectives of
social work programmers and practices
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