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Communication and Rhet Studies
CRS 325

Chapter 2 1. Select a topic • Let your interest/passions guide you • Topic must be of interest of your audience too • Consider audience members 2. Analyze theAudience • Audience analysis- differences and similarities among members of the audience o Getting to know your audience o Interviews, questionnaires 3. Determine the Speech Purpose • What to convey about the chosen topic • General speech purposes o Inform o Persuade o Mark a special occasion • Single purpose- single phrase stating what you expect the speech to accomplish 4. Compose a Thesis Statement • Clearly expresses the central idea of your speech o What you want to achieve • Example o General purpose = to inform o Specific purpose= to inform my audience about the popularity and growth of Facebook o Thesis= the growth of the social networking site Facebook has made it one of the top most visited websites daily 5. Develop the Main Points • Organize around 2 or 3 main points • Easily identified 6. Gather Supporting Material • Illustrates main points o Clarifying, elaborating, verifying o Personal experiences, statistics, outside sources 7. Separate Speech into Major Parts • Introduction- introduce topic, speaker o Alert audience of speech purpose o Catch audience attention and interest  Startling statement, humor, story telling • Body- main points and sub points o Supp
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