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Human Resource Management
HRM 2501
Mc Clendon

Fundamentals of Human Resource Management Chapter 1: The Dynamic Environment of HRM • As part of the rapidly changing environment, organizational members face the globalization of business o Organizations are no longer constrained by national borders in producing goods and services  Globalization-Aprocess of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, driven by international trade and investment, accelerated by information technology • Multinational Corporations (MNCs)- Corporations with significant operations in more than one country (but are based in one home country) • In France, status is often the result of factors important to the organization, such as seniority and education o This emphasis is called ascribed status o In the United States, status is more a function of what individuals have personally accomplished, also known as achieved status • In an individualistic society such as the United States, people are primarily concerned with their own family • In a collective society (the opposite of an individualistic one) such as that in Japan, people care for all individuals who are part of their group • There are three eras of globalization: o Transportation o Communication o Technology • They key to productivity of knowledge workers depends on the ability to use technology to locate and use information for decision making o Knowledge Workers- Individuals whose jobs are designed around the acquisition and application of information  Knowledge workers include professionals such as RNs, accountants, teachers, lawyers, and engineers  It also includes technologists-people who work with their hands and with theoretical knowledge-commonly referred to as information technologists • Knowledge workers appear more susceptible to distractions that can undermine their work effort and reduce their productivity • Open communication systems break down historical organizational communication pattern flows, they also rede
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