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Neuroscience - CLA
NSCI 1051

STUDY TERMS ­ INTRODUCTORY LECTURE AND CHAPTER 1  Stuff to know Basic brain statistics: N umber of neurons = Human brain weight: at birth = about .88 lb Brain weight at adulthood = 3 pounds Peripheral nervous system Any neural element outside of the brain and spinal cord Central nervous system Brain and spinal cord Ancient skull surgeries, some Trepanation skulls show signs of healing Heart was the seat of the soul, Egyptian beliefs about the seat of the soul brain was discarded and repository of memories Heart Aristotle's view of the seat of the soul Brain Hippocrates view of the seat of the soul Galen Greek physician to gladiators brain substance (not ventricles) associated with highest function, noticed brain damage can affect the rational mind Tried to deduce structure from function with cerebrum and cerebellum Renaissance views of the role of the Believed fluid in ventricles ventricles coming from the brain pumped up muscles and make them move like hydrolics Descartes Separated brain from the mind, they are distinct entities, the rational soul only exists in humans not animals, soul and body interact through pineal gland Franz Joseph Gall Father of phrenology, convolutions of the brain related to function Theory of evolution: species of Charles Darwin organisms evolved from a common ancestor, differences among species arise by a process called natural selection. Thinks brain mechanisms are the same across all species
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