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Temple University
PSY 1071
Joel Sheffield

Kate Sydnes Psychology as a Natural Science October 11, 2011 Attention andAwareness Notes I. Attention is necessary a. If awareness were a nightclub… attention would be the bouncer :P b. The gate between sensory processing and awareness i. All input enters the sensory memory store where it is processed pre-attentively ii. Some passed through to consciousness c. How can you tell what’s pre-attentive? i. Feature integration theory 1. Certain basic features (color and orientation) are processed quickly in parallel 2. Attention serves to bind simple features together 3. Slow and serial process d. “Early” Selection i. Attention an filter information on the basis of physical features (like color) e. “Late” Selection i. Additional processing on the basis of meaning (e.g. fruits vs. vegetables) ii. Someone calling your name across a room (name has meaning to you!) II. GuidingAttention a. Feature based strategies vs. spatial strategies (searching areas based on features and where things are, like in Where’s Waldo) b. The real-world: head-up display (HUD) – cockpit controls were projected onto the screen
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