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Chapter 4

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PSY 3791
Pamela Shapiro

Conducting Research Chapter 4IFunctions of a research designaSome of the most important decisions that you will make about your research concern its basic design and the setting in which it will be conducted bResearch designs serve one or both of two major functionsiExploratory data collection and analysis to identify new phenomena and relationshipiiHypothesis testing to check the adequacy of proposed explanationsIICasual vs correlational researchaCasual relationshipone variable directly or indirectly influences another iChanges in the value of one variable directly or indirectly causes changes in the value of a secondiiCasual relationships can be unidirectional in which case variable A influences variable B but not vice versaiiiCasual relationships can also be bidirectional in which case each variable influences the otherbCorrelational relationshipchanges in one variable accompany changes in another but the proper tests havent been conducted to show that either variable actually causes change in the otheriAll thats known is that a relationship between them exists
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