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Chapter 2

Gender Chapter 2

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SOC 0851

Gender Chapter 2Pg 1527ITheoryaA set of statements and propositions that seeks to explain or predict a particular aspect of social lifebThree reasons to study genderiWe never had the opportunity to test those theories in a meaningful wayiiTheories about gender help us to test the explanatory wings of our own way of understanding gender why youre right and whyiiiIts important to learn theories about gender has to do with our own ability to see and understand the worldcConfirmation Bias our tendency to look for information that confirms our preexisting beliefs while ignoring information that contradicts those beliefsiOur own theories of gender can serve as blinders preventing us from seeing and considering certain gendered phenomena in our livesIIGendered in Sociology Before Feminism aTwo main types of limitations in the sociology addressed gender in its early historyiMen as Proxy used men in many important sociological studies included only men as research subjects assumed men and
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