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Chapter 8

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SOC 0851

Gender Chapter 8IThe Brief History of MarriageaThe idea of finding love in marriage is only about 200 years old in AngloEuropean culturesbMarriages were much more likely to be about political power than love and much more likely to be about political power than lovemarriage was a means to gain power and resourcescMarriage gradienta pattern in which women tend to marry up while men marry down in mate selection meaning that women usually marry men who are older richer and generally of higher statusdProtection theory of marriagemarriage evolved as a way for women to trade exclusive sexual access in exchange for the meat provided by a man men and women are inherently different and women need a male protectoreExploitation theory of marriage marriage alliances were not established between men and women but between men by means of womeniWomen were used like currencyiiWomen needed to be controlled because women had important roles in both the production and reproduction of the groupfCooperation theory of marriage Men and women pairing off made sense in light of sexual companionship child rearing and organizing the daily tasks of survival about forming alliances not love
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