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Criminal Justice
CRMJ 201
Gianluca Di Fazio

Barkan, Chapter, pp.60-78 (Crime Trends) • Victimization has gone down the last 30 years • Violent crimes include murder, rape, assault and robbery. • Property crimes include larceny, motor vehicle theft and arson. • Property crimes rates has decreased but not as drastic as violent crime decrease. • Crime rates vary according to location, season, and climate.Also demographic factors such as gender, race, and social class. Geographical Patterns • US has the highest homicide rate of any western democratic nation • According to the UCR the south and west have the highest rates of crime and the Northeast and Midwest have the lowest • Urban areas have higher crime rates • Violent crime is generally higher in the warmer months (July andAugust) 
 -People go on vacation
 -Schools are out so there are more teens out -warmer temperatures can cause tempers to flare • Crime Rates are higher on the first of the month because there is more opportunity and people get paid and social security checks. Social Patterns
 • Gender and crime 
 - Women’s crime rates are much lower than men
 - There is a police bias, they may not think women are as dangerous as men and women are seen as the caretakers of the family and have children.
 -We raise boys to be active, assertive, dominant, and to “fight like a man”
 -We raise girls to be less assertive, less dominant, and more gentle and nurturing. ▯ -Parents monitors daughters behaviors more than their sons, there for boys have more opportunity.
 -Girls have fewer ties to delinquent peers.
 -Women’s crime rates are rising because more and more women are working therefore
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