MKTG 411 Chapter c: MKTG411 Chapter One

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7 Feb 2017

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MKTG411 Chapter One
Web 2.0
More interactive
Services, not packaged software, scalability
Unique (behavioral) data
Users as Co-Developers
Harness Collective Intelligence
Lightweight interfaces
Web 3.0
Real time
Open communication/Data transfer
Mobile and Geo-location
Why Marketers Adopt Internet:
1. Better targeting
2. Direct feedback
3. ROI tracking (i.e. return on investment)
4. High-speed connections
5. Users online longer
6. New media technologies (i.e. social media)
7. Interest and purchase tracking
8. More potential buyers
Golden Triangle
Top left- part of the browsing page where consumers look first and where they
spend the most time
Paid Search- the first hits on the page, usually has an icon that says ad
Organic Search- unpaid searches by using key words
Internet Search Advertising:
Behavioral Targeting- targeting online ads to consumers based on their web
searching behavior
Contextually Targeted Ads- text ads targeted to the content of web pages using
programs such as Google AdSense and Yahoo Search Content
Organic Search Optimization- using a range of techniques to improve how well a site
or page is listed in search engines for specific topics
Social media marketing (SMM)- uses social media portals to positively influence consumers
toward a website, company, brand, product, service, or a person
find more resources at
find more resources at
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