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Chapter 11

BMGT 301 Chapter Notes - Chapter 11: Graphical User Interface, Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Software

Business and Management
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BMGT 301
Wei Chen

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Chapter 11: Understanding Software: A Primer for Managers
11.1 software is important
Software- a computer program or collection of programs that tell hardware what to do
Computer hardware --- operating system --- applications -- users
11.2 Operating systems
OS (operating system) provides a common set of controls for managing computer
hardware, easier to interact with computers graphical user interface (UI) items include
scroll bars and menus, and are displayed on the hardware of the computer display.
11.3 Application Software
Application software (aka software applications, applications, or just apps)- perform the
work that users and firms are directly interested in accomplishing.
The place where the users or organization's real work is done
Desktop software- apps installed on a personal computer (ex: word processor,
spreadsheet, presentations, photo editors, computer games)
Enterprise software- apps that address the needs of many users in an org or group (ex:
programs to keep track of inventory, sales, payments, paychecks, etc.)
App- smaller pieces of software that are designed for a specific platform
More application software on a platform = more valuable platform
Software package- software product offered by third party to support some functions in a
company such as accounting, finance, inventory management
Enterprise resource planning (ERP)- serves this purpose, coordinates and integrates many
functions of a business
Ex: SAP and Oracle
Can touch many functions of business:
Sales, inventory, manufacturing, HR, purchasing, order tracking, decision
Other categories of enterprise software:
CRM systems, SCM systems, Business Intelligence systems
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