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Business and Management
BMGT 350
Roxanne Leftkoff

BMGT 350Chapter 622314Consumer Decision Making ProcessstNeed Recognition result of an imbalance between actual and desired states 1 stageWant recognition of an unfulfilled need and a product that will satisfy itNeed recognition is triggered when exposed to Stimulus any unit of input affecting one or more of the five senses sight smell taste touch hearingInternal stomach growlingexternal influence of outside source color designMake wantgot gap big enough that consumers buy it advertisingUnderstanding needs and wantsMarketers need to understand the target markets needs to provide the services they wantInformation SearchInternal info search process of recalling past information stored in the memory choose a hotel you have stayed at beforeExternal info search process of seeking info in the outside environmentNonmarketing controlled info source product info source that is not associated with advertising or promotion personal experience familyfriends andpublic sources rotten tomatoDone a lot through the internet todayMarketing controlled info source product info source that originates with marketers promoting the productSales advertisingmany are iffy about this because they stress positives not faultsExtent depends on prior knowledge how risky the decision is the confidence of the consumers decision making prior experience with the company and amount of interest more interested spend more time lookingEvoked set group of brands resulting from an info search from which a buyer can chooseEvaluation of Alternatives and PurchaseCertain cues influence what you buy media eventsmars barsspace shuttle also based on what other people are sayingNarrow choices by which attributes are in each then make more specific and rank in order of importanceNew additions can make old ones look betterevaluate options based on categoriesyour view of that category determines if you will buy a new product from that category
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