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Chapter 11

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COMM 107

Chapter 11 Wednesday, October 30, 2013 9:34 AM Public communication- transaction between a speaker and an audience Listenable speech - formattedto be easily understood by listeners, should be a suitable length, requires a language that fits the intellectual level of the listeners; follows a clear pattern, includes phrases that tell the listener what's coming; and provides statementsbacked by fact or examples,should include an introduction; statementof a central idea; a body; and a conclusion Preparing a speech: - Decide on a topic or accept the topic assigned - Formulate a statement of the central idea - Collect research that develops the statementof the central idea - Collect research that develops the statementof the central idea - Finalize the statementof the central idea - Formulate and organize the body of the presentation - Prepare the necessary aids (e.g., audio, visual) - Developan introduction that previewsand a conclusion that summarizes - Polish the introduction and conclusion Parametersof public speaking: - Participants: speaker and members of the audience - Setting: where the speech is given, time limits, when the presentation is given, audience attitude - Purpose of communication:revolvesaround the speaker's intended outcome(s)of the presentation Ethical public speakers: - Does not present an audience with false informationor half truths - Employs a message free from coercion - Gives credit to the source of information - Shows respect and dignity Plagiarism - speaker uses the ideas and words of others as his or her own without giving credit Fabrication - making up information or guessing at information and making it appear true Audience analysis: - Demog
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