EDCP 310 Chapter 11-15: EXAM 2 BOOK NOTES

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Education Counseling and Personnel Services
EDCP 310
Collin Vernay

EXAM 2 BOOK NOTES Chapter 11 (Overview of the insight stage) Insight stage builds on foundation of exploration stage Requires a deep sense of empathy and belief in clients Not all clients want or need insight Helpers role involves coaching the client to gain insight rather than the helper being the one who provides insight Clients can come up with their own insights when helper provides appropriate atmosphere and asks thoughtful questions o Clients feel better about insights they attain on their own What is insight o Gaining insight means You have a new perspective You can make connections between things You understand why things happen o For most clients insight, does not occur suddenly o Rogers noted that it comes gradually, bit by bit, as they develop psychological strength to endure new perspectives Intellectual vs emotional insight o Must be both intellectual and emotional to lead to action o Intellectual insight provides an objective explanation for a problem but has a barren quality that keeps clients stuck in understandings that go nowhere
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