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Government and Politics
GVPT 170
Patrick Wohlfarth

[ToC] 3 Saturday,November 23,2013 1:26 PM Lecture Tides of Consent,Chapter 3 Issue Evolution • How issues become “structured”along a party-driven,left-right dimension • issue become the focus of national campaign,party supports either this side or that side • one single dimension: conservative/liberal,left-right • structured: ideological division,partisan driven • Issues initially cross-cutting…then a critical moment • issue that is not structured: no party supports clearly this side • issues politicians made important are cross-cutting • "critical moment" • E.g.,Race & civil rights policy pre-Goldwater in 1964 • Critical role of politicians & elites • elite • until some politician takes a stand of it people these issues being taken into consideration • counter argument: party responding to the changes • chicken-egg problem • Issue dimensions = the structure of party politics • “one plus residue” • A contrary perspective (i.e.,the counterargument to Tides)–Politicians & elites respond to changes in public cleavages Operational vs.symbolic ideology ideology • liberal tends to favor more gov intervention,conservative tends to favor less operational • people's preference on issues • attitude on issues tied together-> operational ideology a result of operational ideology-boil down of the survey results: what do you want the government to do symbolic • people attaching symbol to themselves • how would people call themselves The macro public is predominantly (U.S.citizens) • Symbolically conservative • Operationally liberal • psychologically liberal • The “conflicted conservatives” • the nature of the symbolic meaning of the two words "liberal","conservative" • liberal tends to have a negative connotative,negative symbolism • probably
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