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Chapter 3

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University of Maryland
PSYC 334
Dylan Selterman

CHAPTER 3 Attraction1The Fundamental Basis of AttractionaAttracted to people whose presence is rewarding to usbTwo rewards types direct from interaction and indirect unawareiDirect is like attention beauty money adviceiiIndirect Dennis like Denver and Denise because of shared first letteriiiIndirect is subtle influences of attractioncAttracted to others who will forward the success of our children dAttraction depends on our individual needs and desires at that time2Proximity Liking Those Near UsaPhysical proximity determines if we meet bFriendships grow with those who are close bycMore likely to be friends with someone sitting close in the roomdLong distance relationships are less satisfying and costly eMarried couples more likely to divorce when further apartfMere exposure repeated contact with someone increases our liking for them gLike people whose faces we recognize morehEx those who know gays like them betteriConstant exposure can lead to saturation negative jPromixity can make annoying people worsekLooks are the first thing we noticelTechnology makes long distance easier mDating web
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