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Chapter 10

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PSYC 334
Dylan Selterman

CHAPTER 10Stresses and StrainsIPerceived Relational Value aRelational Value degree to which others consider their relationships with us to be valuable important or close bPainful to think our perceived relational value is lower than we wantcEncounter various degrees of acceptance over timedMaximal Inclusion people seek our company no party unless were thereeActive Inclusion glad we came to the party dont need usfAmbivalence not invited but okay if we show upgPassive exclusion ignored people wish we didnt comehActive exclusion others go out of their way to ignore usiMaximal exclusion others order us to leave their partiesjExclusion more painful when we want to be accepted IIHurt FeelingsaDegrees of Acceptance and rejection 110 10 is bestbGreatest impact comes from decreases in the acceptance from others especially in range of ambivalence to active inclusion any rejection is about the samecEspecially painful to receive drops in our perceived relational valuedRelational Devaluation apparent decreases in others regard for us results in hurt feelingse
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