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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3—Melody Melody: a succession of tones logically conceived to make musical sense Phrases: subparts of a melody Cadences: stopping points in a melody Sequence: a readily identified technique encountered in all kinds of music Tune: a melody that seems complete in itself, and is easily remembered and sung I. Melodic Types a. Theme i. A melody, tuneful or not, that recurs throughout a piece, often in altered versions b. Motive, motivic melody i. A very short melodic phrase that sounds fragmentary or incomplete in itself but is suitable for many kinds of variation and development c. Lyrical melody i. Longer than a motive often songlike in character ii. Usually repeated, with or without variation, rather than developed in the intellectual manner of a motive II. Scales a. Major and Minor Scales i. Scale: tones in an ascending or descending pattern, within the range of one octave ii. One octave equals eight notes (C-C) iii. Major and Minor scales each contain five whole and two half steps 1. Major scale a. Whole, whole, half, whole, whole, whole, half, whole 2. Minor scale
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