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Chapter 3

PSYC 2003H Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Neuroscience and Behavior

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University of Arkansas
PSYC 2003H
Denise Beike

Chapter 3 Neuroscience and Behavior CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy): form of progressive brain damage linked to repeated concussions Neurons: The Origins of Behavior 100 billion nerve cells in brain neurons: cells in nervous system, communicate with eachother ro perform information processing Components of the Neuron Santiago Ramon y Cajal: staining neurons 3 basic parts: (electrical) 1. cell body: (soma) coordinates information processing tasks, keeps cell alive, largest component contains nucleus protein synthesis, energy production, metabolism 2. dendrites: receive information from neurons, to cell body, look like tree branches (receivers) 3. axon: carries information to neurons, muscles, glands long, covered with myelin sheath (insulating layer of fatty material) terminal buttons: end of neuron (transmitters) synapse: gap between dendrites and axon or cell body where 2 neurons come together (dont touch) Major Types of Neurons 3 types: 1.sensory neurons: receive info from external world and convey it to the brain via spinal cord specialized ends on dendrites: light, sound, touch, taste, smell 2.motor neurons: carry signals from spinal cord to muscles produce movement, long axons 3.interneurons: (most of the nervous system) connect all neuron types, carry information information processing, work together in small circuits
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