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Chapter 2

POL 1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Electoral College, Federalist No. 10, Lawas

Political Science
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Robert Huckfeldt

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Chapter 2 The Constitution
The Road to independence
- Home rule- britian ceded to americans responsibility for managing domestic affairs
- A Legacy of Self-goverance
oColonial experience taught americans tht pop elected legislature in control of $$ could
dominate other gov inst.
oThese home rule gov free riding w birtt gov could not rule as wel seperaly
- Dismantling Home Rule
o“bo taxation without representation”
oGroup s rebelled collectively for the 1st time
- The continental congress
oEach colony sent its leading prof merchants and planters
oDeclaration of American rights
oBecame de facto governmetnts
o2nd- response to war as a national gov, instructed to create state gov based on
republican principles, (adopted bicameral egislatures)
oEstablished natl currency and bonds
- Declaration of independence
o1776, “all me ceated equal , basic fundamental rights”
Americas 1st constitution: articles of confederation
- Highly decentralized
- Each state received 1 vote in cingress
>the confederation at war
- Congress role of coordinator but bc of lack of power and fear of authority made hard for them
to do job
- 1780 hartford convention- propose congress grant itself power to tax, ,only under threat of
coercion would states cooperate (end prisoner’s dilemma)
- Only bc of france help did win war
>the confedartions troubled peace
- War-torn economy
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