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Chapter 3

ART HIS 42C Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Shibaraku, Edo Period, Katsukawa School

Art History
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Douglas Winther

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Austin Maldanado
Professor Winther Tamaki
Art History 42 C
Images 3 - 7
Image 3
Name: The Actor Ichikawa Danjuro in Shibaraku Role
Artist’s name: Katsukawa Shunsho
Material: Woodblock Print
Time Period: Edo
The first Ichikawa Danjuro acting in Shibaraku role
“Wait a minute”
Highlight of the play, the glowering hero enters dramatically, calling this line above
Image 4
Name: The Actor Ichikawa Danjuro as soga goro
Artist’s name: Tori Kyonobu
Material: Woodblock Print
Time Period: Edo
Distorted facial expression - wants to avenge murdered father
Danjuro - a stage name taken on by a series of kabuki actors of the ichikawa family
Danjuro the 2nd, performs a celebrated role in a play about the revenge of the soga
Sharpening arrow
We can tell this is from edo period because it is a woodblock print and features Danjuro
the second playing the role in a kabuki play as one of the soga brothers who are seeking
to avenge their father’s murder
*** Images 5 - 7 come at the end of the Edo period and are all created by Hokusai
Image 5
Name: Quick Lesson in Simplified Drawing, Part One
Artist’s name: Hokusai
Material: Woodblock Print
Time Period: Edo
Hokusai compositions have much to do with their strong internal structure
This includes mountains with triangle shapes and human figures with underlying
geometric structure
This work below came from his woodkblock printed book Quick lessons in Simplified
Drawing, Part one
Hokusai was a good teacher
Instructs students to conceptualize forms of life to simple geometric shapes
Includes numerous examples of figures broken down into simplified geometric
shapes to aid visual comprehension, showing that hokusai indeed envisioned
images explicitly in geometric terms
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