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Biological Sciences
Rahul Warrior

Transcription – copy DNA into RNA RNA – single stranded DNA – double stranded Only one of the two strand that is transcribed into RNA, usually in a given region RNA is being synthesized from the 5’ to 3’ direction. Coding strand is the DNA strand that is the same as the RNA except for U and T Template strand is the Sense strand – DNA and RNA are the same except U and T. U is in RNA and T is in DNA DNA into RNA, it contains ribose instead of deoxyribose The presence of extra hydroxyl group in ribose and uracil is less stable than thymine. Both of these things are important bc you want the information to be the same. GGTTACATTC Template strand – the same strand as the RNA except U is T. Coding strand is what the RNA synthesizes with At the region in where RNA polymerase has to start, there are sequences that say that this is where to start. Called promoters. Consensus patterns – similar sequences in different genes sequences in bacteria that tells RNA polymerase where to start Look at the genes from where the RNA started transcribing, Eukaryotes – genes are more spread out RNA po
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