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HUMAN 1C Chapter Notes - Chapter all: Hymen

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Rodrigo Lazo

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Women Without Men had been banned in Iran, and Shahrnush herself lived in exile
Mahdokht who had no tolerance for conflict of any kind and simply wished for a universal
She was a teacher
The principal asked her on a date, made all teachers uncomfortable
She quit
She sees 15 year old girl with an old gross man and is disgusted
“My virginity is like a tree”
Adam and eve, sacred
Faiza is 28
Does not have a husband
Faiza judged people based on how their faces looked
She thought munis was stupid bc her face was round
Munis is 10 years older than Faiza
Faiza is trash talking Parveen
Munis doesn’t understand why Faiza doesn’t like the woman
Attacking her on basis of virginity
Argue about whether hymen is membrane or orifice
Munis’s Brother Amir “women belong in the house”
Munis Part One
At the age of eight she had been told that God would not forgive a girl who lost her
virginity in any way.
She is angry and rage filled that she’s spent years not doing anything to
compromise her virginity
Munis jumps off roof and dies
Munis Part Two
Munis revived and wandered the streets for a month
Read a book about sex while she was out
Munis’s brother kills her bc she left the house for 20 days
Brought shame upon family for doing unhonorable thing
Buries body in the garden
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