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Chapter 10

COMPLETE Honors General Biology CHAPTER 10 Notes -- 4.0ed this course

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BSC 2010C

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BSC 2010C­­0001  Ch. 10: Photosynthesis  Overall equation is reversal of cellular respiration  6CO +122 O+en2rgy--->C H O +6O6+612O6 2 2  Increasingly probing studies provided knowledge about how photosynthesis works  Van Helmont-developed early ideas about where plants obtain materials for growth  Showed that soil not sufficient  Concluded that water important  Priestly-showed that plants restore “bad” air  Ingenhousz-plants only restore air when exposed to light  Autotroph-means self-feeding  Applies to any organism that makes own food without eating, decomposing or absorbing other organisms or organic molecules  Photosynthetic autotrophs include plants, algae and photosynthetic bacteria  Photosynthesis occurs in chloroplasts in all photosynthetic organisms except monerans  Leaves (specifically, mesophyll cells) are primary site of photosynthesis  Light-absorbing pigment is chlorophyll  Located in protein complexes in internal membranes of chloroplasts  Sugars assembled in Stroma (the gel)  Oxygen produced by splitting water  Photosynthesis is a two-stage process  Light-dependant reactions  Convert light energy to chemical energy, releases O a2 waste product
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