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Chapter 8

ARCH&UD 30 Chapter 8: Week 8 Readings

Architecture and Urban Design
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Michael Osman

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Week 8 Utopia Readings
Focoult Of Other Spaces
- Structuralism does not entail a denial of time; it does involve a certain manner of deal
with what we call time and history.
- The anxiety of our era has to do fundamentally with space, no doubt a great deal more
than with time
- Utopias are sites with no real place
- Heterotopia is where you see yourself in the mirror. It makes this place that I occupy at
the moment when I look at myself in the glass at once absolutely real and absolutely
- In the so-called primitive societies, there is a certain form of heterotopia that is called
heterotopias where there are sacred or forbidden places reserved for individuals who are
in relation to soviety and to the human environment in which they live in a state of crisis.
- Heterotopias of crisis are dissapearing today and are being replaced by heterotopias of
deviation: those in which individuals whose behavior is deviant in relation to the required
mean or norm are placed. For ex rest homes
- There are heterotopias of indefinitely acccumulating time, for example museums and
- There are heterotopias that are linked to the accumulation of time for ex fair grounds
Choay Utopia and the Philosophical Status of Constructed Space
- Thomas Moore’s Utopia is nonexistant
- In More’s utopia, the role of constructed space counterpoints that of time
- It was utopus’s mastery of technology that permitted him to create an aritificial island and
to equip it with complex hydraulic works
- Utopus’s solution remains symbolic, confined as it is withing the image-system of myth.
- After more, utopias kept being written with the same three structural terms
- 1. Critique of a society, 2. Model space, 3. Model society, all of which define the
content of the Morean paradigm
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