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Chapter Wang Geon's Ten Injunctions & Development of Confucian Polity I

KOREA 50 Chapter Notes - Chapter Wang Geon's Ten Injunctions & Development of Confucian Polity I: Taejo Of Goryeo, Hyejong Of Goryeo, River Corve

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Wang Geon's Ten Injunctions & Development of Confucian Polity I

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Wang Geon’s Ten Injunctions
1. Success of state depends on protection of Buddha
Build temples & send monks in them
Prevent temples of different schools from fighting
2. Temples & monasteries should be built at locations chosen by monk Toson based on
3. Succession by eldest legitimate royal issue
Unless the eldest son is not worthy; then choose 2nd son or brother people consider
4. Stop copying the Chinese way; never copy from Khitan
5. P’yogyag the Wester Capital has eleets of ater i its faor & is the course of
terrestrial force
Should make royal visits 4 times a year
6. To festials of Yodug ad P’alga hae great spiritual iportae
- 1st worships Buddha
- 2nd worships spirit of Heaven & other spirits
- do not abandon or change them!
7. Winning hearts of the people & bring peace & harmony:
- Kings should listen to sincere criticism, and banish those who slander
- Cosider people’s oeiee he usig their serie
- Lighten burden of taxation & corvée
- Learn the difficulties of agricultural production
- Administer rewards & punish moderately -> harmonious interplay of Yin & Yang
8. Topographic features of territory south of Kongju & beyong Kongju River are
treacherous & disharmonious
No participation in affairs of state, government service, intermarry of royal family,
relatives & aristocracy, or taking power of the state for people from there
9. Do’t hage salaries & alloaes for aristoray & ureauray
Salary determined by merits of recipients
Treat soldiers kindly, lighten their burden, give honors & promotions to the brave
10. Always be on guard to avert mistakes
Read in classics & history; take past as a warning for the present
Development of Confucian Polity I
Ch’oe Sugo so of Silla aristorat et Kig T’aejo at age 12 & given academic
appointment; remained aligned with court & became leading statesman
Presented 28-point memorial on contemporary affairs
Opening section
Wang Kon with confederation of great families established Koryo
T’aejo Wag Ko ’s erit i foudig & seurig dyasty; T’aejo desried like a superhero
Dyasty’s first fie reigs
- Wang Kon
Sent capable officers to guard northeast frontier from Jurchen -> Jurchens
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