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Chapter 4

ENGR 1166 Chapter 4: Intersection Design Explanation

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University of Connecticut
ENGR 1166
Dean Burkey

Helena Newandee 3/10/2017 Intersection Design Explanation This plan was designed with safety as its number one priority. The 4-leg intersection includes roadways intersecting at 90 degree angles. This itself is a safety feature because it provides greater visibility of approaching vehicles. Not only are 90 degree angle intersections safer but it allows for more efficient transportation as it gives pedestrians shorter crossing distances and there is less amount of pavement needed to allow for turns. The simple intersection has one lane going each direction with an auxiliary left-turn lane. The left turn lane was added for safety because it is known to reduce the occurrence of rear-end crashes. It also allows for more efficient travel at it increases capacity of intersection. The regional agency requires the existence of sidewalks along all newly constructed roads which is included in the plans. This contributes to the safety of pedestrians because it gives them a designated area for them to walk without the worry of being hit by a vehic
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