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Chapter 1

ENGL 65FM Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: The Communist Manifesto

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Karl Marx Ideology:
Private Property and Communism (1844)
HIstory does nothing, it possesses no immense wealth, it wages no battles.
It is man, real, living man who does all that, who possesses and (Hagel)
Hegel believed that history is tremendously abstract while Marx believed that
it comes into being because humans have to constantly reproduce their
purpose of being-food, shelter, clothing, etc
Not only is the material of my activity given to me as a social product (as is even the
language in which the thinker is active): my own existence is social activity, and
therefore that which I make of myself, I make of myself for society and with the
consciousness of myself as a social being
Victor doesnt view himself as a social being-states that the creature is not a
social being but the creature himself emphasizes that he is part of Victors
social world
Men can be distinguished from animals by consciousness, by religion or anything
else you like. They themselves begin to distinguish themselves from animals as soon
as they begin to produce their means of subsistence, a step which is conditioned by
their physical organisation. By producing their means of subsistence men are
indirectly producing their actual material life
Marx-division of labor-there is an inconsistency in how people
The emphasis is on the natural aspect of human being-lost
Marx is constantly emphasizing the vitality of what he think is the real spark that all
people have
On the other hand, as a natural, corporeal, sensuous objective being is the limits-
death, etc
And this life activity ”the worker) sells to another person in order to secure the
necessary means of life...He works that he may keep alive. He does not count the
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