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Chapter 1

HIEU 158 Chapter 1: HIEU 158 Chapter : Rees -- Chapter 1Premium

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HIEU 158
Deborah Hertz

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Origins of Hate
16 September 1919
Hitler is 30 with nothing to his name
He writes a letter to a fellow soldier blaming the Jews for all his suffering and
saying that the German government should do nothing except get rid of all of
None of the ideas he wrote in this note were original, they all came from previous
anti Semitic feelings that had circulated in Germany before
Anti Semitism goes as far back as the Bible, where there are passages that say the
Jews were seeking to kill Jesus and Jesus supposedly calls them “children of the Devil”
Jews were kept from holding most jobs, so they went for money-lending which
was one of their only options
Martin Luther wrote some very anti Semitic texts
The Enlightenment brought about some better thinking
People started to argue that it wasn’t the fault of the Jews for doing what they did
since they were forced to due to their political and social standing
The Declaration of the Rights of Man in France made Jews equal citizens
With the newly unified Germany coming into existence in 1871, people started asking
what it meant to be German
Normally translated as “people,” it can’t be expressed in one word in
The mystical connection between people who share the same language,
culture, and history
They also revered the forest
The swastika first came about during this time
People had seen it in ancient symbols from other cultures and similar to
things found on ancient German artifacts
Jews were not included in this new sense of Volk
They were blamed for everything that hurt Germans
RRs through farms
The fact that small businesses were losing out to department stores
They were being punished for not being tied to land that they had never been
allowed to own
There were barely any Jews in Germany (<1% of the pop) and most Germans never met
a Jew
Hitler and others began to rely on a more “rational” basis for hating Jews: race
Since they weren’t park of the volkisch, they were a separate race
Arthur du Gobineau (not a scientist) published a book classifying the human
species into three races where the white race was superior
Civilization couldn’t start or be maintained without white people
He believed white people had been created by the “Aryans,” which had
migrated to Europe from India
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