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MMW 13 Chapter Article Notes: The Journal of a Voyage Made in the Hannibal of London in 1694 & Our Kingdom is Being Lost & The Life of Olaudah Equiano

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Making of the Modern World
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MMW 13
Edmond Yi- Teh Chang

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MMW 13 – Textbook Notes – The Journal of a Voyage Made in the Hannibal of London in 1694 & Our Kingdom is Being Lost & The Life of Olaudah Equiano The Journal of a Voyage Made in the Hannibal of London in 1694 Introduction • Military defeat, salve raids, decision of chief/king led to people becoming enslaved in Africa • Slave voyage from England to Africa to the Barbados Islands in the Caribbean in 1693- 1694 • English merchant • Hannibal is the ship Text • White men dying of disease in Africa • Afraid to offend the African king • Thanking him for trading with them instead of others • Went to the king in the morning with how many slaves they wanted and some goods, agreeing together on the prices • Africans try to pit the different slave trading ships against each other in order to drive up the prices • Had to buy the slaves that were from the king, even though they were usually ‘not as good’ and more expensive • Examinations of the slaves they were thinking of buying by a doctor • Marking the slaves they bought with a hot iron with the letter of the ship’s name (H) • Slaves were shackled together to prevent them from getting away or from killing themselves • He doesn’t want to unnecessarily harm the slaves because they have done nothing wrong, and it’s not their fault that they are the way that they are, and they were also created by God like everything else • Forced to promise the king that he would come back next year with certain things from England Our Kingdom is Being Lost Introduction • Letter from king of Kongo to Portguese king in 1526 • King converted to Christianity and took the name
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