MUS 113 Chapter 1: Assignment 1 Notes

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University of California - San Diego
MUS 113
Charles Curtis

MUS113 Week 1 Assignment Notes Piece: Arnold Schoenberg’s Verklärte Nacht (Transfigured Night), Op. 4 - Instruments? Characteristics of instruments? Structure of piece: main sections and how they are different from each other - How does the music relate to the poem? - To appreciate the music, do you need to read/know the poem? - What is the relevance of the title “Transfigured Night?” - 1 section: cellos, violas, violins, string instruments o Dark, soft dynamic; group of cellos play the same slow repeating in the beginning. Only one type of instrument playing but many playing at the same time. Combination of low and high density; setting up the scene; low pitch range at first o Slow tempo, steady beat o Dynamic increases to forte at 1:45 o 2:29, 5:00, high density of instruments and density of notes (all strings) playing at once, with lots of intensity and loudness; faster notes: relates to the despair the woman feels for having sex with another man and her regret for doing so o lots of vibrato, lots of passion; 5:00 high pitch range from the violins, lower range from cellos; wide range of pitches - 2 section: slower, more elongated notes o lower pitch range from violins; until 1:45 where the violins become much higher in pitch o also at 1:45, note density drastically increase o 2:10 plucks from the strings (violas?) enter o 3:46 very high in range and dynamics o 3:50 all instruments play the same notes in their corresponding ranges, calling for the climax; stands out from the rest of the piece  heavier, very loud o 4:37 brief moment of silence, then the violin enters alone (only one instrument); slower and lower in pitch range, steadily getting lower in pitch range, longer notes being played rd - 3 section: heavy, lo
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