PSYC 101 Chapter 2: Reading Response 2 Notes

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PSYC 101
Adena Schachner

PSYC101 Reading Response 2 Notes: Can the right kinds of play teach self-control? Due @ 5pm on 5/16/17 - Executive function: the ability to think straight, to order your thoughts, to process information in a coherent way, to hold relevant details in your short-term memory, to avoid distractions and mental traps and focus on the task in front of you o The ability of young children to control their emotions and cognitive impulses is a strong indicator of both short-term and long-term success o Self-regulation skills predict academic achievement - Executive function skills are relatively malleable o Key to developing self-regulation is play: mature dramatic play ▪ Want complex, extended make-believe scenarios, involving multiple children and lasting for hours or days ▪ Training where children learned to regulate themselves, to conquer their minds ▪ Must stay within their role, which allows them to develop self-control - Debate in the field of early-childhood education o Preacademic approach ▪ Those who were behind in kindergarten would never catch up ▪ If you exposed struggling children to intensive reading and math
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