COSC 2320 Chapter 25-31: Chapter 25-31

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University of Houston
Computer Science
COSC 2320
Hilford Victoria

Chapter 25-31 Ch.25: Stacked abstract data type (ADT)  Zybook notes o Stack – items are only inserted on or removed from the top of a stack  Stack is last-in first-out o Push – inserts an item on top of stack o Pop – removes and returns the item on top of the stack o Operations  Push(stack, x)  insert x on top of stack  Pop(stack)  returns and removes item top of stack  Peek(stack)  Return but does not remove item at top of stack  IsEmpty(stack)  Returns true if stack is empty  GetLength(stack)  Return number of items in stack Ch.27: Queue (ADT)  Zybook notes o Queue – items are inserted at the end of the queue and removed from the front of the queue  First-in first-out o Push – inserts an item at the end of the queue o Pop – removes and returns the item at the front of the queue o Operations  Push(queue, x)  Insert x at end of the queue  Pop(queue)  Returns and removes item at front of queue  Should not be applied to an empty queue  Peek(queue)  Returns but does not remove item at the front of the queue  Should not be applied to an empty queue  IsEmpty(queue)  Returns true if queue has no items  GetLength(queue)  Returns the number of items in the queue o Queue linked lists  Head node = queue front  Tail node = queue end  Popping is performed by pointing a local variable to the list’s head node  Removing the head node from the list o Then returning the local variable Ch.29: Hash Tables  Zybook notes o Hash table – stores unordered items by mapping (hashing) each item to a location in an array  Searching/inserting/removing an item may require only O(1) instead of O(N) for searching a list or O(logN) for binary search o Key – value used to map to an index  Key should be unique o Bucket – array element from a hash table o Hash function – computes a bucket index from the item’s key  (Num key) / (num buckets) = keys to each bucket o Collision – when an item being inserted into a hash table maps to the same bucket as an existing item in the hash table o Chaining – handles collisions by using a list for each bucket  If an item collides with another  Item is added in the bucket as a list Ch.31: Linear probing  Zybook notes o Linear probing – handles a collision by starting at the key’s mapped
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