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Chapter 35 - 37

COSC 2320 Chapter 35 - 37: Chapter 35 - 37

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COSC 2320
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Chapter 35-37 Ch.35: Binary trees • Binary tree – each node has up to two children o Leaf – tree node with no children o Internal node – node with at least one child o Parent – node with a child o Ancestors – include the node’s parent, the parent’s parent, etc., up to the tree’s root o Root – the one tree node with no parent (top node) o Edge – the link from a node to a child o Depth – number of edges on the path from the root to the node o Level – all nodes with the same depth o Height – the largest depth of any node • Binary search tree – has an ordering property that any node’s left subtree key <= the node’s key, and the right subtree’s key >= the node’s key. o Search – find a node with a desired key, if node exists ▪ Starts by searching root node o Worse case requires height + 1 comparisons ▪ O(height) o “all-but-last-level-full” binary tree’s height is h = floor_log(n) ▪ Ex: n = 15, h = 3 o Successor – node that comes after in the BST ordering o Predecessor – node that comes before in the BST ordering • BST search algorithm o Search – returns first ode found matching that key ▪ Returns 0 if no match o Starts at root ▪ If key is less • Assign current node to the left • repeat ▪ If key is more • Assign current node to the right • Repeat Chapter 37: Binary Search Tree • BST insert algorithm o Insert – inserts the new node in a proper location obeying the BST ordering property ▪ Insert as left child • If new node’s key is less than current node and current node’s left child is 0 o Assigns that node’s left child with the new node ▪ Insert as right child • If new node’s key is greater than t
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