MGMT 463 Chapter 1-8: Mgmt 463 Discuss and Debate

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MGMT 463
Reneta Tarasievich

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Mursila Murtaza-MGMT 463-Reneta Tarasievich Individual Assignment 1 Not everything is negotiable, and it is correct to some extent. However, you can negotiate or say no to everything in this world; yet, the negotiation might become meaningless due to lack of options many times. Therefore, the correct saying would be that not everything gives an option of negotiation, otherwise everything is negotiable. Negotiation occurs when a conflict of interest occurs in any situation. Both parties desire different outcomes. Let’s imagine, I visit Walmart and find a pack of chocolate priced as $5. I find it expensive and ask a Sales Associate to reduce its price. I can spend hours negotiating the price of that chocolate, although we all know that they wouldn’t reduce the price. Thus, the negotiation is pointless or this item isn’t negotiable, so we can assume not everything is negotiable. My point is that we can negotiate on everything, but we choose not to. I can negotiate with my husband to make him stay at home and baby sit my baby, and let me work. I know that this is never going to happen; thus, I choose not to negotiate about this. Basically, we don’t want to fight or negotiate on everything, consequently, we believe that not everything is negotiable. Secondly, I believe that the concept of non-negotiability is not different for left and right brain individuals. Researches have been done that prove that right and left brain dominance theory is a myth. It is just the nature of a person which makes people think differently in different situations. It is true that both sides of brain control different functions, yet there is no valid proof of their dominance on one another. People prefer to use some emotions more than others; however, this doesn’t mean that the
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