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Chapter 1-5

ANTHRCUL 101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-5: Trobriand Islands, Zande People

Anthropology, Cultural
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Holly Peters- Golden

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Trobriand Islanders:
-studied by malinowski and weiner
-women’s wealth: deal in skirts/bundles (doba) as currency
-witchcraft: mangu
-time and space: tried to live far from one another
-Zande scheme: british introduced cash cropping ot them and gave them indiv. Plots of land
-contested violence: chagnon stated they were fierce/violent people; fights would often break
out during meals→ someone would insult food
-hekura spirits: causes illness by consuming portion of people’s soul; beautiful; usually sent on
behest of enemy village
-cultural changes: wildcat miners/gold rush 1987 brought heavy guns/disease; destroyed their
way of life
-highly discriminated people
-Robert Ritter believed they were susceptible to higher crime rates simply bc they were
biologically born with those traits→ led to sterilization and deportation to concentration camps
-marginallity: faced hundred of years of racism, discrimination; levels of ed, health, and
employment all lower than surrounding european counterparts
-imaginary gypsie; mysterious, ppl thought they were dangerous, unwanted, trickery, egypt
-came from china, laos, thailand→ ethnic minority group
-china tried to assimilate them→ refused/wanted to keep own independent culture, language,
way of life
-came to U.S. searching for a place that wouldn’t try to change them
*often victims of theft, assault, and racial violence
-secondary migration to warmer climates, local sponsors→ religious affiliation→ convert to
christianity→ tore fam apart
-valued fam→ tried to live close to one another
-assimilated hmong children to american culture→ parents wanted them to get an
education/career→ didn’t want them to forget hmong traditions/culture
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