CHEM 210 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Partial Charge, Iodine, Newman Projection

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30 Oct 2014

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Four classes of reactions: complexation/ decomplexation, chemistry of polar sigma bonds, addition reactions, elimination reactions. Electrophiles(empty orbital, pi-bonds, partial charge due to bond dipole) Difference in energy between the atoms and the molecules that formed from those atoms. R = universal gas constant = . 002 kcal/molk. Increase of temperature = increase of delta go. *both creates and breaks a bond: substitution at carbon. October 8, 2010: secondary alkyl halides (2o, carbon with one h substituant, 1 x substituant, two ch3 substituants, primary alkyl halides (1o, carbon with two h substituants, 1 x substituant, one ch3 substituant. Regioisomers = same atoms bonded in different ways. Carbon is more polarizable than hydrogen which better stabilizes charge through partial sharing of electrons. *only bronsted acids with pka < 3 can add across c = c bond. Markovnikov"s rule: the observed product is the one that results from the more stable carbocation intermediate.