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Materials Science
MATS 3011
Bharat Jalan

Chapter 1 Book NotesIntroduction11 Historical PerspectiveMaterialsimportant part of our culture historically advancement of society determined by ability to producemanipulate materials for their needsEarlier only limited natural material options stone wood clay skins etc then discovered techniques to make new materials heat treat add something elsebetter but still limited recently more knowledge more specific materialsAble to develop technologies bc have good materials available ex cars electronics12 Materials Science and EngineeringMaterials Science investigating relationships btwn material structures and propertiesoMaterials scientists developssynthesizes new materialsMaterials Engineering designingengineering material structure to produce predetermined set of properties on basis of structureproperty correlationsoMaterials engineer creates new productssystems using existing materials andor develops techniques for processing materialsoMost graduates in materials programs trained to be both materials scientists and materials engineersStructure has meanings on multiple levels relates to rearrangement of materials internal componentsosubatomic electrons win individual atomsinteractions w their nucleioatomic organization of atomsmolecules relative to one anotheromicroscopic large groups of atoms normally agglomerated together subject to direct observation by some microscopeomacroscopic structural elements that may be viewed w naked eyeProperty material trait in terms of kindmagnitude of response to a specific imposed stimulus usually independent of material shape and sizeoex deformation bc of exerted forceoex polished metal reflects light6 categories of solid material properties each type has stimulus that can provoke different responsesoMechanical relative deformation to applied loadforceex elastic modulus stiffness strength toughnessoElectrical stimuluselectric field ex electrical conductivity and dielectric constantoThermal represented in terms of heat capacity and thermal conductivityoMagnetic demonstrate response of material to applied magnetic fieldoOptical stimuluselectromagneticlight radiation ex index of refraction reflectivityoDeteriorative relate to chemical reactivityProcessingPerformance2 other important components besides structurepropertyostructure depends on how its processed
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