PHIL 102 Chapter 6: Philosophy 102 Week 10 Notes

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PHIL 102
Ron Wilburn

65 Emotional Appeals, Irrelevance, and Distraction ad misericordia a fallacy committed when premises express and evoke pity, with the implication that a conclusion should be accepted because someone is in a pitiful state aka appeal to pity aka argument from pity example: you should give me an A because otherwise I will not get into law school ad baculum a fallacy committed when premises express or evoke fear, with the implication that a conclusion should be accepted because otherwise bad things will happen aka appeal to fear or force example: These people are better off than you; do you like that: shouldnt something be done about it? (d) Instead of appealing to fear one might appeal to desire, as in: (e) You had better believe in God, because if you do so, when you die you will go to Heaven and experience eternal bliss. Like (c), (e) offers no relevant evidence or reasons to support the claim that God exists. 1 of1
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