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MUET 3020

Lesson 3: The Architectural Form Blackface: the theatrical makeup in which burnt cork, greasepaint, or soe polish was used by white (and black) actors to exaggerate the look, speech, and mannerism of blackAmericans. Cover Band: a band that plays material previously released by another artist (or artists). Cover Version: a "remake" of a previously released song. Great Depression: beginning with the collapse of the U.S. stock market on October 29, 1929 (Black Tuesday), a severe, worldwide economic depression that lasted until WW2. MUSIC by the Cookie-Cutter, Part One > AABA: one of the most common architectural forms in Western music. • It worked perfectly well for composers in the 1700s, classical composers, and 21st century rocks stars. • TWO reasons why this pattern is used in all Western music • - "sameness", provided an ever-increasing level of comfort • - cookie-cutter DON’T MUCK IT UP > AABApattern Mozart used to make "sonata form: which can be called "sonata-allegro" form even when the music is not performed at "allegro" (fast) speed. > Sonata form can be also called "first-movement" form Unit 2: Music Recipes and Roadmaps Lesson 4: The Temporal Element; Rhythm) Beat: the steady rhythmic "pulse" or "heartbeat" of music. Compound Time: Either triple time or duple/quadruple time- with either 3 beats per measure or 2 (or 4) beats per measure - and with each beat, then subdivided into three smaller units. Duple/Quadruple Time: the metric organization of music into wither "two" or "four" beats per measure. Quadruple
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