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Chapter 9

CINE 386 Chapter 9: Hidden Notes

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Cinema Studies
CINE 386

Background  Director: Michael Haneke  Movie is about the denial and guilt mixed into the foundations of western prosperity  Georges is played by Daniel Auteuil  Anne is played by Juliette Binoche Scenes  Opening with credits o Diegetic neighborhood sounds (birds chirping, cars driving on the freeway, people walking) o You first hear voices but you don’t know who’s talking or what they’re really talking about – mysterious o Cut to man walking out of house:  Darker scene - not as much sunlight; ominous feel  You only understand you were watching a tape when they rewind o They are being watched, and someone keeps sending them the tapes  Subtle scenes hinting at the fact that there might be a boy coughing up blood Characters  Georges Laurent – the husband  Anne – the wife  Francois – called  Pierrot – the child  Yves – Pierrot’s friend  Andre – Pierrot’s swimming bud  Thomas – Pierrot’s swimming bud  Mrs. Laurent – the woman  Manu – the woman who calls the home the first time we get to see the wife’s face (the wife’s role is further marginalized by the fact that we know the caller’s name but still not the wife’s) o Makes you question if this is the woman Georges is having an affair with  Frederic – the person who underwent surgery  Marianne  Aunt Julie – Georges’ aunt (80) who loves George and never misses his show  Majid – Hashem’s son; the kid his mom thought of adopting him and who Georges dreamt about Gender issues/roles  We are first introduced to the dad by his frontal face  We first see the woman by the back of her head – we only see the back of the woman’s head until she spends some time in and is leaving the kitchen o We only get a partial frontal view of her face in her “habitat” – the kitchen; and at the dinner table, he sits at the head spot  reinforcing gender stereotypes?  Even at the dinner table, she sits facing away from the camera, and in this way, the director is marginalizing the character, making her secondary to her husband and even to their child Pierrot, who we do not even know how he looks like yet  The husband is indecisive on whether to call the police – may be because he has something to hide? Doesn't want this to blow out of proportion o The woman makes the execut
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